#ScienceExplained is a collaborative science communication initiative. With the help of multidisciplinary experts we provide the Canadian public with accurate written and video information about various aspects of the pandemic.

With support from our volunteers we translate these expert-written information into different languages (e.g. French, Arabic, Farsi, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu, etc.) thereby helping make accurate information accessible to culturally diverse groups.

The main objective of #ScienceExplained is to bridge knowledge gaps and dispel myths surrounding COVID-19 and the Canada-wide response.


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1305, 2021

The Thorny Problem of COVID-19 Vaccines and Spike Proteins

By |May 13th, 2021|Fundamental Science|

New research by Yuyang Lei and colleagues published in the journal Circulation Research sheds new light on how the spike protein might play a critical role in the widespread damage caused by SARS-CoV2, and offers insight into treating the complications of COVID-19. Vaccine skeptics have seized on the study to cast doubt on the safety of vaccines. But a review of the study’s findings shows that the concerns raised by vaccine doubters are much ado about nothing.

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